Curve Ball

As usual, life threw a nice little curve ball at me these last few days. I had been feeling off and called my doc to discuss how I had been feeling which of course led me straight to the ER. After two rounds of blood work, I have no answers or relief from the symptoms I have been fighting… Boo! On the bright side, all of the labs came back normal or negative which is a good thing! Even though I may be feeling under the weather I am holding close to the fact that they did not find anything glaringly wrong with me. On top of my feeling under the weather, all 3 of my fur babies have come down with kennel cough. Double boo!! So to keep my mind focused on the positive I sat down for a bit to try and simplify the retirement list for Thirty-One’s summer catalog. Everything was looking great until I went to hit the save icon and froze my computer. Triple boo!!! I figured after a few hours in the ER and a while working on my business I would whip out my trusty iPad and jot a little blog post on the heals of the AWESOME opportunity I was afforded by Julie Anne Jones on her blog HERE – words cannot express how proud I am to have been featured on her site and how grateful I am for her wisdom. I will try again tomorrow to work on my office duties and write more on national conference as I have promised. Until then, thank you for your support and understanding! 🙂

About katherineviolette

I am an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, a mom, and wife.
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