Getting ready for fall and a bit about conference

So as the seasons change, so do the days of our live… er… I mean it’s getting to be time for a new Thirty-One Gifts catalog!!! 😀 This will be my second fall catalog with the company and had a very proud moment when I was able to have inventory to sell off. I held a private auction for those on my fan page and was able to sell off a few items. Now the waiting begins! I got a pack of new catalogs at conference and started to hand out just a few. Then a few began to grow. 🙂 The initial response to the new catalog has been overwhelmingly exciting! One of the courses I attended while at conference was about branding yourself in your business. It seemed like a lot of the courses from conference were pretty smack you in the face easy which, while really great for execution purposes, were really ‘duh! moment’ provoking. In regards to branding yourself it was really a great moment of realization when it clicked for me. (Though that may sound like a waste of time if I didn’t really ‘learn’ much, it made it perfectly clear that these simple steps were the keys to success and are the stepping stones that the highest consultants in the company used to build their businesses and most importantly that I already have what it takes to get where I want- it is now the time to implement those tools) I realized I must brand myself more as the Thirty-One consultant I want to be. Too many times when people ask me what I do I will tell them nothing! Besides being a mom of 2 and the wife of an airman (which is definitely not nothing!) I maybe throw in there that i sold bags or something to that affect but I definitely had my moment at conference where I went from doing ‘nothing’ to realizing that the more I diminish what I do everyone else will do the same. If I want people to know what I do I must tell them instead of expecting them to read into it when I mumble something or other about bags under my breath. Since conference I have handed out more catalogs and more business cards than I have the entire year I have been a consultant. I feel myself living more cohesively as ‘the bag lady’ instead changing out of mom mode into bag lady mode when I had a party or event to attend. I feel confident handing out information on what I love to do and the love that I have gotten in return has just been amazing. I am looking forward to September 1st for this new catalog to go live and to live out the lessons I took back with me from national conference in only 5 short days! 🙂


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Curve Ball

As usual, life threw a nice little curve ball at me these last few days. I had been feeling off and called my doc to discuss how I had been feeling which of course led me straight to the ER. After two rounds of blood work, I have no answers or relief from the symptoms I have been fighting… Boo! On the bright side, all of the labs came back normal or negative which is a good thing! Even though I may be feeling under the weather I am holding close to the fact that they did not find anything glaringly wrong with me. On top of my feeling under the weather, all 3 of my fur babies have come down with kennel cough. Double boo!! So to keep my mind focused on the positive I sat down for a bit to try and simplify the retirement list for Thirty-One’s summer catalog. Everything was looking great until I went to hit the save icon and froze my computer. Triple boo!!! I figured after a few hours in the ER and a while working on my business I would whip out my trusty iPad and jot a little blog post on the heals of the AWESOME opportunity I was afforded by Julie Anne Jones on her blog HERE – words cannot express how proud I am to have been featured on her site and how grateful I am for her wisdom. I will try again tomorrow to work on my office duties and write more on national conference as I have promised. Until then, thank you for your support and understanding! 🙂

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Progressive blogging

It has been a while since I have posted. Since then the world of direct sales has taken me across the country and taught me a lot. With Thirty-One’s national conference at the beginning of this month a lot has changed in my thought process on direct sales. I must say I feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running after attending. I have not pin pointed an exact time that my mindset changed, but I feel like I have found my place as well as the place I would like to be within the company. As for what is going on right now in the company, we have our spirit collection on sale this month for half off with every 31$ purchased. For more on this great deal you can visit my site at my thirty-one site to see all that is offered! I have much more to talk about with what national conference has taught me and a few other things I have learned since I last posted. I cannot wait to get some pictures uploaded and discuss the incredible lessons I have learned. I will try to do a few posts to summarize things and post more as things being to settle in. Thank you for the support and look forward to posting more ASAP 🙂

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July Specials

See Thirty-One’s great July specials in action right here (and by here i mean the link above :P)! I am SO loving the choices this sale offers ->

Save big with Thirty-One’s sizzling July 2012 Customer Special! For every $31 you spend in July, you can purchase one of five hot styles for a cool 5 bucks:
• Littles Carry-All Caddy — Save $7!
• Mini Zipper Pouch — Save $7!
• Zipper Pouch — Save $10!
• Thermal Tote — Save $13!
• Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote — Save $19!

There’s more — personalization is just $5 all month!

July will be a great month to get some great back to school items as well as birthday gifts, bridal/baby shower gifts, and even (dare I say) CHRISTMAS!!! July is such a great time to stock up and have your own Christmas in July! 🙂 Visit my personal Thirty-One Gifts page at to check out all Thirty-One has to offer!

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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